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About the PUDL...

The Lille University Data Platform (PUDL) is a support platform for quantitative research in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). It seeks to promote the use of major surveys, databases, indicators and other data processed using quantitative methods in SSH research.

The PUDL is a component of PROGEDO, a French Large Research Infrastructure dedicated to HSS data production and management. It is hosted by the European Centre for the Humanities and Social Sciences (MESHS) and is strongly supported by the University of Lille.

The PUDL provides support for data users, and is aimed primarily at researchers and doctoral and post-graduate students in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

It disseminates, at the regional level, information on the activities of Quetelet-PROGEDO-Diffusion, whose members — the ADISP, the Centre for Socio-Political Data, and the INED Surveys Department — collect, document and publish SSH data compiled by France's official statistics office.

Missions of the PUDL

Support HSS researchers who use quantitative data

- Quantitative data search
- Exploring Data
- Processing and analysis software
- Tools for understanding and processing data

Promote the use of quantitative data in HSS

- Seminars and study days
- Videoconference broadcasts of certain seminars

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